Aithaloeis Theos

A space dedicated to Hephaistos

About Hephaistos

Hephaistos is the Olympian god of fire, technology, metalworking, building and the fine arts. He is also associated with volcanoes and volcanic activity, although this is a later attribute. Greek colonists in Southern Italy associated Hephaistos with the Italian gods Adranus and Volcanus, which led to Hephaistos being associated with volcanoes. One defining feature of Hephaistos is that unlike the other gods, he isn’t described to be physically perfect. He is described as lame in lore. How he came to be lame also varies in myth. Some say he was born lame and others say he became lame after his fall from Olympos.

Hephaistos’ parentage varies in lore. There is a story that Hera conceived Hephaistos asexually, while other sources support Hephaistos being the son of Zeus and Hera. According to the Spartan poet, Kinaithon, Hephaistos is the son of Talos, who seems to be the Cretan sun-god. Pausanias was right when he said “The legends of Greece generally have different forms, and this is particularly true of genealogy.

Hephaistos’ Epithets


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