Aithaloeis Theos

A space dedicated to Hephaistos


Greek Name Transliteration Translation
Κλυτος Klytos Renowned, Famed, Glorious
Περικλυτος Periklytos Very Famous, Very Glorious
Αγακλυτος Agaklytos Very Famous, Very Glorious
Κλυτομητις Klytomêtis Famed for Skill, Famed for Crafts
Πολυμητις Polymêtis Resourceful, Of Many Crafts
Κλυτοτεχνης Klytotekhnês Famed Worker, Famed for Crafts
Πολυτεχνης Polytekhnês Of Many Crafts, Of Many Arts
Αμφιγυηεις Amphigyêeis Lame One, Halting in Both Feet
Κυλλοποδιων Kyllopodiôn Of Crooked Foot, Of Dragging Feet
Αιθαλοεις Θεος Aithaloeis Theos The Sooty God
Χαλκευς Khalkeus Bronze-smith, Copper-smith
Πολυφρων Polyphrôn Ingenious, Inventive
Αιτναιος Aitnaios Of Aítnē (Etna)

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